The latest hard-nosed data confirms that 85% of employees around the world are disengaged and unhappy with their jobs.

THE VALUEHOLDER aims to dignify the employee. This book invites disengaged and unfulfilled employees to get up and get moving on their transformation into professionals that create, deliver and hold value for themselves, shareholders, and society at large. Shareholders hold shares, but it is valueholders who hold the value that drives those shares. This individual transformation could help billions of people to lead a more purpose-driven life. At the same time, that would boost productivity after decades in which low performance has held back economic progress.

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I recommend the book highly to everyone. I think we would all benefit from undertaking the self-reflecting journey on which this book takes us, to live more engaged and fulfilled lives as valueholders.
— Amitava Chattopadhyay, INSEAD Professor of Marketing and The GlaxoSmithKline Chaired Professor of Corporate Innovation


VALUEHOLDER [val-yoo-hohl-der] noun
A professional that works in an organization and due to his/her skills and contributions holds a proportion of its value. In the old days, these people used to be called employees.

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About the author

Roberto Fusté is proud to be an entrepreneur at heart, while also having decades of experience as a corporate CEO. He is currently running his own companies while advising Fresenius Medical Care on regional strategies.