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Roberto Fusté on Comfort Zone

  • Challenging and at times confronting, Roberto shakes you from your comfort zone and delivers you to the best version of yourself.
    — Vanessa Foster, Senior VP Marketing of Fresenius Medical Care Asia Pacific
  • Leading by inspiration and values, Roberto develops growth mindsets and creates agile organizations with a purpose-driven culture.
    — Frank Wagner, Executive VP Western Europe of Fresenius Medical Care
  • Roberto is an extremely captivating speaker with inspirational ideas that really motivate the audience. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have Roberto Fusté discuss his ideas of leadership with us.
    — Sandy Yeung, Board Member and Honorary Secretary of Hong Kong Mensa 2016
  • A charismatic speaker who fascinates the audience with clear and passionate thoughts brought forward with elegance and professionalism.
    — Dr. Michael Etter, Chief Medical Officer of Fresenius Medical Care Asia Pacific